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8 Types Of Guys You Should Avoid To Have a Happy Relationship

8 Types Of Guys You Should Avoid To Have a Happy Relationship

People are not perfect that’s why relationships are not perfect. Once in a while, you meet someone who ticks all the box and yet things don’t work out the way you wanted. It’s in men. It’s in women. We all come around the table with our imperfections. The fact that we are not perfect in our ways also, should not stop us from looking for people we can be comfortable to live with. We are all not perfect but trust me, some imperfections are comfortable to live with than others.

To be in a comfortable relationship, it’s better you open your eyes to the red flags. Guys who give any of the following red flags can be of no good and you have to be careful.

A. The Mom’s Guy

This guy still lives with the mother and he’s so much into pushing what his mom believes in you. Sometimes you discussed something with him and he ends it by saying, “let me talk to mom about it and see.” The problem with guys of this nature is that they never seem to grow out of mom’s web. Everything is about their mom. Especially when they move straight from mom’s web into marriage, they become a huge burden on the woman. They want you to treat them just as their mother treated them. Instead of seeing you as the wife or the girlfriend that you are, they expect you to be an extension of their mamas. That’s where the problems arise. They expect you to take care of them just as their mamas did.

B. Quick Tempered Guy

Little things flare him up. He’s uncontrollable when angry. His anger usually comes when he doesn’t get his way. Sometimes he might hit you or even try to hit you when he’s angry. That habit should be a huge red flag for you. Quick-tempered guys usually have an ego and their egos have to be satisfied first before anything else. Mostly when they are calmed, they will try to apologize for hitting you or being abusive when they were angry but they never stop being abusive. You can’t be the one to tame the beast. You ain’t trained in that. He other seek help or you seek the exit.

C. Get Rich By All Means Guy

There is nothing wrong with a guy who wants to get rich. Ambition is good. Working to achieve your ambition is actually sexy. Here’s the catch; these sort of guys relegate everything to the background in search of their ambition. He’s always on the move hardly finding time to talk to you or even attend to your needs. Sometimes you might think, he’ll change when he’s finally successful. But you see, success has no end. That means, he’ll always be on the move. It’s possible to balance ambition with other things but this guy sees only his ambition to get rich and nothing else.

D. The Working Horse Guy

Usually, get rich by all means guys tend to be working horses. After work only means an opportunity to work more in the house. So he brings his work home often times. Always on the phone with other people discussing work or always sitting in front of the computer trying to get something done. Work never ends for these guys and as such have no time building the relationship between you two. He might try to buy you expensive gifts to compensate for the lost times or take you on a beautiful date once in while. The date usually becomes a date with yourself because he’ll be on the phone talking business throughout the da

E. The Time is Not Right Guy

“Can we meet your parent?”

“This is not the right time”

“We’ve been dating for four years now, when are we finally settling down?”

“The time is not right for this discussion”

You catch the trend already, right? There seems to be no right time for this guy. The truth is, there’s never a right time apart from the time you have. You can take the moment and make everything right. Yes, there might be a problem here and there but that’s the reason he’s a man. A man is created to solve problems not run away from them. Saying “the time isn’t right” is just an excuse to run away from responsibility. Watch out for such guys.

F. Never Stop To Remind You of His Ex Guy

It never worked between him and his ex. That’s the more reason why he’s with you now. But these guys never stop ranting about their exes and always find the opportunity to rob the qualities of their exes on your face. Hello….Such guys usually still have a thing for their exes and when the time is right, they’ll leave you to be with their ex. It’s as simple as that. Whenever he compares you to his ex, you should be better than his ex. That will explain why he’s with you in the first place; he left the worse for the better. If he tells you his ex is better than you, know that you two have no future together. No one leaves a good girl for a bad one.

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G. The On And Off Guy

Today he’s with you and makes you feel like you are everything that he ever wanted. Tomorrow he’s off and can’t even get a call answered from him. These guys take you on an emotional rollercoaster. He gives you a glimpse of a better future together and then he takes it away. He makes you fall in love, and then he leaves you again. On and off he goes every now and then and sometimes makes you wonder what is really going on. These guys can easily become your addiction and make you chase after them when actually they don’t have anything for you. He loves you perfectly in one moment and just when you are dazed with his love, he leaves you. Advice yourself quickly and move on or else, he’ll turn you into his plaything, coming and going as and when it pleases him.

H. The Pay For Me Guy

These guys have a game plan and they usually choose their ladies carefully. They make you fall deeply in love with them and make you have total trust in them. A woman in love is vulnerable. A woman that trust you so well, will do unthinkable things for you. These are the two premises the Pay For Me Guys operate on. They get you to trust them and love them deeply so they start making demands from you. They will make you pay for everything and even get you to buy them what they need. Their demands are crafted in such a way that you’ll feel guilty if you don’t help them. Or, because you love and trust them so much, you’ll feel you’ll lose them if you don’t help out. It’s true there might be genuine problems that sometimes you might help, but if it becomes a habit, you have to watch out.

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