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Celebrate Each Progress You make, Here is why

Samuel Kwame Boadu Celebrate
CELEBRATE EACH PROGRESS : There is this beautiful lady that I admire so much on Instagram. She is elegant and carries herself with such grace that is rare. She is so confident in her skin that I sometimes wondered what informed her confidence. However, to me, she was “a little too Big” like me but then because i am a guy so i saw nothing wrong with mine though, i thought.  She could be weighing about 120kg currently. I secretly hoped that she’d take her fitness journey seriously so that she doesn’t get to the point of obesity. I was genuinely concerned for her, I think? Then she posted a picture from a few years ago when she was probably weighing about 250kg! I only believed that she was the same person just because she said so. The difference was glaring!
Then it hit me.
I looked at this beautiful lady in her present state, not knowing how far she has come in her journey. I was wishing she would hit the gym soon without knowing that she had been doing that for a long time now.
Her present looked like a far cry from a healthy weight for her stature but she has come a very long way in her journey to fitness. Little wonder her self confidence is off the charts! Knowing her journey made me appreciate her body even more.
“She doesn’t speak good English.”
You do not know how much work she has put in to be able to make a complete sentence.
“His dress sense is zero.”
Hmm! If only you knew him two years ago, you would appreciate the progress that he is making.
“Her public speaking skill is not good.”
How I wish you knew her when she could not even face the crowd not to talk of holding a mic and attempting to make a speech.
We are all coming from somewhere. While some people regress as the days go by, some others are actually trying to get better every day. Personally, someone could hear me speak and say that my tone or grammar needs a lot of work. That is true, but I have come a long way from when I used to speak English with my mother tongue. I have registered for online classes and am learning to speak better. I am a work in progress. You don’t know people’s journeys so judge nicely, if you need to.
On the flip side,
People may not understand how far you have come. They think you sing off key? Simple off key?
They did not know when you were tone deaf and couldn’t even differentiate between two notes.
They say you are not a professional writer. They were not there when you were scribbling thousands of words and trashing hundreds of pieces of papers, just to get to this point where you are able to write articles that make sense at all. We may never know how much progress you have made but you know it! And I want you to celebrate the progress that you’ve made so far.
Yes, you are not where you want to be, yet, but you have come such a long way from where you started.
So like this beautiful lady that I talked about, carry yourself with grace and don’t let anyone talk you down about your progress so far. Many of them just don’t know where you’re coming from. If they did, they would have reacted better.
Tell this to yourself:
“I am doing well. I am making progress and I celebrate my progress so far.” Cheers to your continued growth.
You are doing well.???? Now extend this same courtesy to others. Have a very pleasant day and always remember to transact or be an investor at SamBoad Business Group LLC…
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