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How to Get Unblocked on Facebook

How to Get Unblocked on Facebook

In order to fix a personal ban, you’ll need to appeal directly to Facebook . This article will walk you through several strategies for how to get unblocked from Facebook friends, groups, pages, and even the entire Facebook platform itself.


What to Know

  • Submit a request for review to get Facebook to enable your account.
  • Message your friend on Twitter or Instagram and ask them to unblock you on Facebook.
  • If you’ve been blocked from a Facebook group, check the rules and reach out to an admin for clarification.

How to Get Unblocked From Facebook

Facebook often disables or blocks accounts it suspects are fake or are impersonating another person. Posting controversial content can also often result in access to a Facebook account becoming blocked.


To get your account unblocked from Facebook, the best strategy is to submit an official request for review.

How to Get Unblocked From Someone on Facebook

Here’s some tips for how to get a Facebook friend to unblock you.

  1. Check if your Facebook friend actually blocked you. It’s possible that they just changed their name or privacy settings. They also may have just deleted their Facebook account.

    You may also want to check if your friend blocked you on Facebook Messenger. This can sometimes be a separate restriction that people implement to limit communications with someone while still maintaining a Facebook friend connection.

  2. Find out why your friend blocked you on Facebook. Reflect on recent Facebook posts or messages you may have written that could have offended or been misunderstood. If you genuinely can’t think of a reason for you being blocked, reach out to a mutual friend and ask them if they know.

  3. Contact your friend off of Facebook. If your friend has blocked you, they won’t be able to see any messages or comments you send them. Instead, try contacting them on a separate app such as Signal, TelegramInstagram, or even Twitter.

    Only message your friend once on one platform. Multiple messages on multiple apps can be seen as harassment and could cause even greater friction in your relationship. Do not send follow-up messages.

  4. Call your friend. If your Facebook friend isn’t on any other apps, or you don’t know what apps they’re using, give them a traditional phone call.

    Call your friend once. If they don’t answer, record a single voice message and then leave the ball in their court.

  5. Apologize and ask your friend to unblock you on Facebook.

How to Get Unblocked From a Facebook Group or Page

It’s usually pretty difficult to get unbanned from a Facebook page or group as Facebook admins and moderators use the ban feature as a last resort once their minds are made up. There are some strategies you can try, however, to get back into a group or page on Facebook.

  1. Reflect on your behavior. Were you rude to other users? Did you break any Facebook group rules? Find out what you did wrong before proceeding any further.

    A Facebook group on the Facebook website with the group rules highlighted.

    Facebook groups usually list their rules in their description or within a designated rules tab. Each Facebook group has different rules so it’s important to check them before writing a post or comment.

  2. Contact the owner or an admin. Select the Facebook page or group name or the Members tab to view its admins.

    A Facebook group's members page showing group admins.

    Only contact one admin. Spamming the entire group could result in your entire Facebook account being reported for harassment.

  3. Contact an admin off of Facebook. If you’re unable to connect with the group or page owner or one of its admins, reach out to them on another app such as Twitter or Instagram.

    Only message one person and only send them a single message. When you do, be polite and explain your situation.

  4. Respect the response and move on if you have to. If you get unblocked from a Facebook group or page, be grateful and try your best to prevent such a thing from happening again.

    However, if your attempt to get unblocked is unsuccessful, it’s best to respect the decision of those involved and move on with dignity. After all, there are plenty of Facebook groups and pages to explore in almost every niche imaginable.



  • How do I block someone on Facebook?

    To block someone on Facebook in a browser, go to the Account icon and select Settings and Privacy > Settings > Blocking > Block Users. Enter the name of the person or page you want to block, then select Block. In the Facebook app, go to the person’s profile page and select More (three dots) > Block.

  • What happens when you block someone on Facebook?

    When you block someone on Facebook, they can’t communicate with you or see anything you post. You won’t see any of their posts or comments. It’s like you’re invisible to each other on Facebook. The blocked user can’t invite you to events, see your profile, or send you a message via Messenger.

  • How do you block a page on Facebook?

    To block a page on Facebook, go to the Account icon and select Settings and Privacy > Settings > Blocking > Block Pages. Start typing the name of the page you want to block, then select it from the drop-down menu.



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