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Minimising Your Sleep can bring Value in Life

Minimising Your sleep
written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
Minimising Your Sleep : “We often miss opportunities because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
The 21st century we live in is a world where you will not get what you desire, rather what you have laboured for. What do I mean? For any success or track record you will achieve or record while you still breath, you have to be deliberate and determined to put in the needed action to get there. But you know what? Not everyone will succeed and I say it unapologetically.
You may be classmates, course mates, school mates or whatever name you may decide to tag it now but watch, in some few years time, failure will separate the successful from the unsuccessful ones. Is it not pathetic and unfortunate how people see their classmates today doing well in various fields of human endeavours and what they will only say is that “The managing director of that company was once my classmate or that the Bank Manager of zenith bank was my school son back then in secondary school” but there is nothing to write home about as it concerns your own life.
Remember, you will only be a youth once. Anything you fail to achieve now that you still have the strength in you, it may never be achieved in your old age. So what’s my driving message this morning? If you must be intentional about your future, this is the time you have to minimize the way you sleep. Success will not just come to you by accident, rather it will only come when you work for it. This is the reason why few succeed.
We want everything to be offered to us on a platter of gold when we don’t want to sweat and pay the price for it. It is not called hard-work because it is easy, it is called that but the process is always hard.
Nothing can stop a determined person from achieving his dreams in life. You are the only deterrent and not those circumstances. Bishop Oyedepo as influential as he is sleeps only two hours a day per what i heard. He is already a successful man and counted as one of the wealthiest missionaries but yet, he is still putting in hard work. I may not necessarily exhaust everything here because it will be more longer than these but one thing is certain:”If you pay now, you will play later. Many forget that the longer you sleep, the weightier opportunities you miss out but i am not saying sleep is not good but just don’t over do it. You want to graduate with a First class and you wake up everyday as a student by 8:30am ? I’m sorry, that Prize is not for you. You must work for it with your sweat.
Throw that old life of yours into the trash can and begin a new life today. Success will not lower it’s standard because of you, if it does that, it will no longer be valued just like the process that gold passes through before it becomes valuable to us. You have a great future, you will equally be celebrated but then, get back to work. Discipline your mindset by waking up early every morning to pray, read and brainstorm for executed ideas that will help you to become the better version of yourself.
The time is now!
Start this second!
Start this minute!
At the end of this week, you should be proud of yourself that you were able to achieve great things that are different from what your life used to be. Get to work, close your eyes from what people will always say.
Their words don’t determine your future. You have been made for more. Don’t allow their criticisms to stop you from what you are doing and at the sane time, when the clapping and accolades of men keep coming, don’t think you have done much, rather let it be an avenue to keep on doing more.
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