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Sarkodie Prop up Bob Marley Classic ‘Stir It Up’ ft The Wailers

Sarkodie Prop up Bob Marley Classic 'Stir It Up' ft The Wailers

Sarkodie, the Ghanaian rapper’s collaboration with the late reggae legend, Bob Marley is stirring something up alright!

Ghana’s rap superstar Sarkodie has officially released his version of reggae legends Bob Marley & The Wailers‘ hit “Stir It Up.” In a delicious collaboration that sees Caribbean and African cultures reunite once again, Sarkodie’s take on the song feels nostalgic yet exciting. The MOG-produced track almost didn’t happen, as the rapper explained in a podcast this week that his own insecurity nearly robbed him of the incredible opportunity to reimagine the Jamaican legend’s hit.


Speaking on the popular Ghanaian show +44 Podcastthe rapper was vulnerable with host Sideman saying, “When I had the email, I almost passed it on and not just out of respect, I felt that I was not worthy to lay my vocals next to the legend. I was really hard on myself. My manager was like this is a big opportunity. But the artist side of me was thinking more about the art and not the opportunity.”

The rapper went on to explain that hearing the late legend’s original studio recordings helped him connect spiritually, making this a moment far greater than a career move. “It felt like being with him in the booth,” he said, “there are few people I feel like that when I worked with them.”

​Sarkodie’s career spans nearly 20 years, so we urge the star to get used to being in the company of legends, as he scoots closer to that status. The JAMZ performer was the first winner of BET’s Best International Flow category in 2019 and continues to push his limits. Marley’s record needs no mention, however, somewhat sad that his most significant career accomplishments happened posthumously.


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