01/6Signs your partner has mentally disconnected with you, without officially breaking up


When you are in a relationship for long, it’s natural to face faded feelings. It happens to a lot of couples. The biggest reason for this is work commitments and daily life that takes precedence over love life. You start to feel detached from your partner and their attitude makes you feel like the relationship is slipping off slowly. Nothing seems wrong but nothing feels right as well. If you’ve been feeling this way too, here are some clear signs that your partner has mentally checked out and it’s time you both have a talk.

02/6They forget the things that are important to you


When someone wants to impress you, they try to remember things that you say. Right from your favourite colour to how you like your coffee, they will remember it all. But if your partner has started to forget things that are important to you, it means they don’t think or care about you as much as they used to before.

03/6They don’t improve even after apologizing


It’s normal to have arguments in a relationship. What matters is that you apologize to each other and work on the area in the relationship that needs improvement. But if you feel that your partner is putting lesser effort towards making any improvement after a fight, it says how little they care and how they don’t think it’s going to spoil the relationship between you two.

04/6Your conversations are dying


Communication is key, be it to get to know each other or to resolve an issue in a relationship. When you both started off together, you must have had a lot of things to talk about. But now, if you both hardly find anything to talk about and in spite of your endless efforts at making your partner talk to you, it doesn’t work, it only means they’re disinterested. They don’t want to make an effort at keeping up with a conversation, neither do they want to start a conversation on their own.

05/6You feel exhausted by the time you spend together


In any relationship, the time you both spend together makes you feel accepted and happy. But when things fall apart in a relationship, you start to feel mentally isolated long before you actually break up. You’re worn out by constantly trying to explain your partner and never being understood. You’re only putting more and more work from your end which eventually exhausts you.

06/6They are less interested in other parts of your life


If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, both partners need to share various interests and activities even outside the confines of the relationship. It only nurtures your separate experiences and individualism. It helps you appreciate each other and put more effort to not lose one another. But when your partner’s interest dies in what makes you unique for them, they only turn to you because they need you, not because they want you. This attitude will gradually end the relationship.

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