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Your Lack Of Knowledge Weighs You by Samuel Kwame Boadu

lack of knowledge
Your Lack Of Knowledge : When I was younger, my friends mother’s aunt fell sick. She had pains in her breast and a lump. It was in their village. One of his sons, a staunch traditionalist, believed that his mother had been poisoned by other traditionalist. He set out to find a cure for his mother. He took her from one herbalist to another. They went from one forest to the other, seeking herbs and powers to neutralize the ‘poison’ but to no avail.
The last juju man they went to did all he could to no avail. Then one morning he got up, took razor blades and made deep cuts into my aunt’s breasts. He claimed he saw that in a vision. With that cut on her lumped breast and the pains I can only imagine, she died.
What would you say killed her? The lump or the cut?
The truth is, neither of the above killed her. She died of ignorance. The people who were the decision makers of her life did not KNOW that she had breast cancer. They did not KNOW that it could be treated via a surgical procedure.
No wonder God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”- Hosea 4:6
Knowledge is the awareness of a particular subject or skill. It is the state one moves to by reason of acquired information about a subject, an idea or a skill. Knowledge is so crucial that nothing replaces it. It is so vital that even spirituality doesn’t substitute for it. Knowledge is fundamental, basic and intricate to a life of success. Whether or not we would make progress in life is dependent on what we know. Whether or not we would lead the life we desire rely upon the knowledge we possess.
King Solomon said, “The labor of a fool so wearies him [because he is ignorant] that he does not even know how to go to a city.” -Ecclesiastes 10:15. I could expound on this verse for hours but this is not a church sermon. However, know this, ignorance can deny you your due reward. What you don’t know of you can not demand for, and what you don’t demand for you won’t be given.
It’s how life works.
So, how do you get knowledge?
1. ????????????????????????. Listen to what those who know has to say. Students learn by listening to their teachers. Listen to whatever teachers you have; there is always something for you to learn. Humble yourself and listen especially when you’re older in age than your teacher because not all knowledge comes by age.
Many people hear but only a few listens. Be among the few; really listen when in an atmosphere where knowledge is being disseminated.
2. ????????????????. There is a saying that great leaders are great leaders. I agree with it. The solutions you seek may be in the book you refused to read. One of the greatest source of knowledge yet is the Bible. The world is what it is today because of the knowledge people drew from the Bible. Read other sources too but please don’t throw away the Bible. This is not a religious advice but a life saving counsel. The principles of the Bible have made more people wealthier, more successful and accomplished than any other book. In fact, most books draw inspiration from the Bible. But people rarely acclaimed their results to the Bible for the singular reason that they don’t want to offend people.
3. ????????????????????????????. The most profound of knowledge are those learnt by observation. Just sit down and observe. This is a very difficult thing for most people to do. Some sit but watch but never observed anything. It is a skill and not many people possess it. But it can be learnt. Here you defeat the saying that ‘the more you look, the less you see’ and you see what is not so obvious to the common man.
4. ????????????????????????????????. You learn more when you do than when you just listen. There are knowledge you can never learn by listening and observing until you practice it. For example, no matter how good a driving teacher is, unless you go behind the wheels you may never know how to drive.
You don’t become a pilot just by listening to an instructor or become a swimmer just by observing. You must do it yourself. If you want to acquire profound knowledge, get into practice. The more you practice the deeper your knowledge thereof.
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