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Social Media Can’t Build Your Brand : Here Is Why

Jackie Chan built a Personal Brand as a Martial Art Fighter and Actor. ​Sinach has built a Powerful brand as a globally recognized Gospel Artist. ​Tony Elumelu has built an Inspiring Brand as an Entrepreneur and mentor to millions around the world. ​ How about Samuel Kwame Boadu? You can’t talk about successful entrepreneur with passion to help the youth without mentioning her name. His Personal Brand is that powerful!
​Take a look at these instances (and any other you can think of). ​ Can I shock you? ​ These people were already Powerful Personal Brands before they came on social media. ​They had already honed their crafts and gotten good at their skills. They ONLY used social media as a tool to showcase their genius. ​ Social Media didn’t make them good at their craft. ​They just leveraged these platforms to reach millions of people and showcase what they already had in them. ​Teacher Kwadwo didn’t become funny when he picked up the camera to film his first comedy video. ​Kwadwo Sheldon didn’t become a powerful content creator by spending her whole day online.
​I didn’t learn how to Sell and Build Effective Social Media Strategies for my clients the day I opened my social media accounts. ​And this brings me to the lessons for tonight.

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​​⭕ Branding doesn’t start when you come online. ​

It doesn’t start the day you sign up on Instagram and decide to be known as a thought leader. No sir! ​As I mentioned during my sessions online and offline, having a social media account will not eliminate the work you have to do offline. ​The work of studying, learning, seeking mentorship, and learning again. ​Whatever you cannot be offline, you will never become online. No matter how hard you try!


⭕ Social Media is ONLY a microphone. ​
The microphone does not produce the voice. It only ensures that everyone in the room can hear what the speaker says. ​In the same vein, Social Media is an amplifier. It will only take what is already inside you to the ends of the world. ​ It will not produce anything new.
​Dear You, October begins soon, and for some strange reason, I felt an inexplicable push to release this message. ​You have spent so much time online, trying to build what can only be built offline. ​You are posturing, but the real substance seems lacking. You are pushing for people to notice you, but the fact that they aren’t noticing you might be a sign from God that you need to step back and reassess things.
????️ Maybe you need to take a break from Social Media and really ask yourself some pertinent questions. Take these Ember months to go back to the drawing board and harness your skills again.
????️ You may need to cease coaching others and go get coached by someone who has more results in your field.
Dear you, please don’t make the costly mistake of thinking that it all begins and ends online. ​Congratulations on all the amazing things that have happened on account of all you do online. But please, ensure you trash the offline aspects of Branding even as you build your online brand.
Healthy habits are not built online.​
Competence is not built online ​
Character is not built online.​
Powerful Relationships aren’t ONLY built online.


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​When you have gathered the offline substance, come back and use social media for Profits. ​
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